Mazal tov to all who have finished Masechet Nazir today.

In the Mishnah, Rebbi Nehora’i and Rebbi Yosi disagree about whether Shmuel ha’Navi was a Nazir. The Gemara which follows discusses a completely unrelated topic — whether it is preferable to be the one who recites a blessing or to be the one who responds “Amen” to a blessing. How is the Gemara’s discussion related to the subject of the Mishnah?

Rav Ya’akov Emden (in Hagahos ha’Ya’avetz) points out that no other Mishnah in Shas records a statement in the name of Rebbi Nehora’i. Therefore, the Gemara finds this Mishnah as an appropriate place to record the Beraisa in which a statement of Rebbi Nehora’i appears.

The Mishna and earlier Gemara may be linked with the topics of the permanent Nazir and the word Morah (Razor).

The Gemara in Nazir (5a) cites another Beraisa in which Rebbi Nehora’i and Rebbi Yosi argue. Rebbi Nehora’i maintains that a Nazir Olam (permanent Nazir) may shave once every thirty days, and Rebbi Yosi maintains that he may shave once every seven days. That Beraisa should have been recorded here, because it is related to the dispute in the Mishnah which also discusses the topic of Nazir Olam. In fact, their dispute in the Beraisa may be the basis for their dispute in the Mishnah here. Rebbi Yosi, who rules that a Nazir Olam may shave every seven days, maintains that the words “u’Morah Lo Ya’aleh Al Rosho” (Shmuel I 1:11) do not mean that Shmuel was a Nazir who was forbidden to use a razor, because Shmuel — as a Nazir Olam — was permitted to shave once every seven days.

Sotah tomorrow…

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