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Eruvin 15 – How to decide Halakha…go and see what the people are doing

Chag Kasher ve’Sameach to all. Thanks to Rabbi Yoni Sherizen for prompting me to blog on this topic. On a continuing theme in this blog it is fascinating to see the Talmud not only confirms that Jewish law is decided … Continue reading

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Eruvin 9 – Some things shouldn’t be learned in the Study Hall

If a certain statement of a Tanna or an Amora is not Halakha why do we learn it? I have been asked this many times. One of the classic arguments is that minority opinions are stated so that future generations … Continue reading

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Eruvin 6 – Halakhic autonomy

Why do we pasken like Beit Hillel? In fact we see in the Gemara that individuals followed the psak of their Rabbi when another individual may have followed the psak of a different Rabbi with diametrically opposed end products. The … Continue reading

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Eruvin 3 – Large and small cubits

When talking about measurements we are aware that the Rabbis over the centuries have debated the size of various measurements. To make things even more complicated the Talmud states that:- אמת סוכה ואמת מבוי – באמה בת חמשה. אמת כלאים … Continue reading

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Eruvin 2 – Exaggeration in the Talmud

Eruvin 2b בשלמא לבר קפרא – גוזמא Granted, according to bar Kapara, [the phrase: Up to a hundred, can be understood as] an exaggeration. The Koren notes An exaggeration: This term appears in several places in the Talmud. Its basic … Continue reading

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Masechet Shabbat – the essence of Shabbat is man’s involvement

At the siyum for Tractate Shabbat yesterday I spoke about an intriguing aspect of the laws and practice of Shabbat. A few years ago I heard a shiur from a musmach of YU whose subject was Women’s learning. He quoted … Continue reading

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