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Eruvin and Pesachim

One of the ironies I thought about when learning Tractate Eruvin was that we are constantly told that in the are of Eruvin the Rabbis generally decide the law leniently. Clearly there was an intention, on the part of the … Continue reading

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Eruvin 85b – The Rabbis safeguard their rules

I have always found it curious that we find ourselves (through the prism of Jewish law) to be stricter in the observance of Rabbinic Law than Torah Law. וחכמים עשו חיזוק לדבריהם יותר משל תורה And the Sages reinforced their … Continue reading

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Eruvin 82 – When are children obligated to fulfil commandments?

Catch up time! A few days behind in the daf and months behind in the blog 😦 Eruvin 82a ותנן נמי גבי סוכה כי האי גוונא: קטן שאין צריך לאמו – חייב בסוכה And we also learned a similar [halakha in a mishna] … Continue reading

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