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Orot: Rav Kook – A review

I have heard it said that if we all followed Rav Kook we would be Modern Orthodox Kabbalists! Over the past few years I have been inspired again and again by Rav Kook. His approach to all Jews, no matter … Continue reading

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Yoma 53a – The interpretation of the Sadducees

In the current climate of the Orthodox Jewish world we are so often encouraged not to read texts which are challenging or outside of the consensus of traditional Judaism, and yet the Talmud, as it so often does, challenges this … Continue reading

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Shabbat 49 – Elisha Man of Wings

Whilst I find it very difficult to imagine that my learning or my prayers have any impact on God’s decision making process in relation to current events in Israel I do hope that maybe my deep feelings of concern for … Continue reading

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Brachot 64 – Popular ending – Rabbis bring peace to the world?

And so we finish the 1st tractate of the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi. Mazal tov to all who have completed Brachot! By the time this journey is over the ending of Brachot should be somewhat familiar to us as … Continue reading

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Rav Kook’s Orot HaTeshuva

And so we find ourselves beyond Rosh Hashanah and in the 10 days of repentance. Over Yom Tov I wanted to have something to read when I was not learning the daf. I found a translation and commentary on Rav … Continue reading

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