Shabbat 66 – First proof of Osteopathy in the Talmud?

ואמר אבין בר הונא אמר רב חמא בר גוריא: מותר לחנק בשבת

And Avin bar Huna said [that] Rav Hama bar Gurya said: it is permitted to strangle, [i.e., tightly bandage the neck of one whose vertebra was dislocated in order to reset it,] on Shabbat.

The Koren notes:

“According to Rashi, this refers to the realignment of a displaced vertebra in the neck.”

Ok so osteopaths don’t put bones back in place but this does sound a little like a spinal manipulation 🙂

Hannukah Sameach


About bookabazza

I am an Osteopath and University Lecturer who is trying to keep up with the 7 year daf yomi cycle. I thought I would try and share a few small thought on the daf each week.
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