Brachot 57 Elisha ben Avuya

One of the most interesting characters in the Talmud is Elisha ben Avuya otherwise know as Aher. The Koren has an interesting biographical sketch which I set out below (trying something new….a photo rather than me typing it all out – please let me know if it is not clear enough).

If you are interested in the life of Elisha ben Avuya then there is a marvellous fictional account written by Milton Steinberg called “As a driven leaf” – highly recommended.

One final question I have is not about Elisha ben Avuya but more on Rabbi Meir. Why did Rabbi Meir “stick with” Elisha ben Avuya when he was clearly “off the derech”? Did he, Rabbi Meir, think he still had things to learn from him, or did Rabbi Meir think that he could bring Elisha back into the fold? Any thoughts then please feel free to add your comments/insights.


About bookabazza

I am an Osteopath and University Lecturer who is trying to keep up with the 7 year daf yomi cycle. I thought I would try and share a few small thought on the daf each week.
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